Possibly the slowest way to make a S'more ever...

NOTE: This program is typically best in July or August at Summer camps.

Survive the Apocalypse* with your very own Solar Cooking Oven. This classic summer project can melt gummy bears into piles of disgusting goo, render chocolate into a molten state and even slightly toast your Graham crackers. Along the way we learn about insulation, solar energy and why black cardboard and silver foil are useful for cooking.

Find a sunny day at high noon and melt up some epic treats.

This project is safe for experimentation with the kids, the temperatures do not get into the "burn" zone, and without lenses these devices cannot start fires.


Prices begin at $199/group**

* You'll need more than this solar oven to survive the apocalypse, but it might help... a bit.

** $199/group for birthdays (up to 15 kids), $250/class (up to 25 kids). Additional kids can be added to either package. Discounts for multiple groups/day.

Ontario Curriculum Intersections:

This program can be adapted to emphasize or demonstrate learning objectives in the following broad categories:

  1. Science & Engineering

    • Renewable energy

    • Insulation properties of different materials

    • Capturing heat

    • Melting properties of different materials

  2. Mathematics

    • Angles for adjusting the power of the sun