Tinkering: A classic way to explore how the world works.


In 2012 we founded MakerClubKW as a partnership with THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener, Ontario. After years of programming experiments and constantly sold-out monthly meetings, we decided to take our programming on the road full time. In June of 2015, Tinker Truck was born.

At Tinker Truck we believe that hands-on exploratory learning (aka tinkering) is a cognitively distinct mode of learning for children. Additionally, tinkering builds confidence, inventiveness and self-sufficiency and is the early foundation for a future generation of entrepreneurs.

We embrace "maker culture" primarily through an ethos of always trying new things and learning from the results. Some things work, and others don't. Figuring it out is the fun part. 

Tinker Truck operates a mobile maker-space for kids and adults. We offer programs that explore all aspects of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) education with an emphasis on discovering what happens when kids blend two or more of these disciplines.

As a mobile operation we're able to bring programming to your school, summer camp, community center, neighbourhood park, or your kitchen table. We supply all materials, tools and safety equipment and leave no trace when we cleanup. You can trust us to deliver a great experience, create lasting memories, and leave your facility cleaner than when we arrived.

Many of our programs are also fantastic opportunities to bond with your kids by learning together!