Terms & Policies


Turner, Morose and Associates Inc, doing business as (D/B/A) Tinker Truck, has the following terms and policies associated with our programs and other offerings.


Tinker Truck requires a 20% deposit to hold any date for a client. Clients may request that we "pencil in" dates into our calendar, but they aren't considered committed until we have received and cleared a 20% deposit. Deposits are mandatory for all first-time clients no less than 60 days before your scheduled event. Events scheduled with less than 60 days notice, such as birthday parties, will have a 50% deposit requirement at the time of booking.


Events that are cancelled with less than 60 days notice forfeit any and all deposits. We highly encourage you to instead reschedule your event to a different time or location. Unilateral cancellations by the client due to weather are not permitted. Tinker Truck works diligently with clients to come up with an all-weather plan for your event. Cancellations that are agreed upon by both Tinker Truck and the client may be considered. In the event that Tinker Truck must cancel for an event, all deposit funds will be returned to the client.


Tinker Truck does not operate a dedicated facility, and instead offers a mobile "pop-up" solution for offering programs in a facility of your choosing. Our posted mailing address is of our office and is not open to the public, or drop-in clients at any time without a prior appointment.

Clients are liable for all rental, maintenance and parking fees associated with the program facility of their choosing. Tinker Truck carries $5 Million (CDN) in general business liability insurance that covers any accidental damage caused to your facility by the operation of our programs, or by our staff.


Tinker Truck makes every effort to minimize the hazards associated with our programs. However, the nature of working with tools and children simultaneously does have inherent risks that are implicitly accepted by participation in our programs. Scrapes, minor cuts, bruises and minor burns are all possible with a majority of our programs.

Additionally, Tinker Truck makes no warranty as to the allergen-free state of our materials, tools or festival equipment. Any and all surfaces, materials, tools, and staff members should be assumed to have come into contact with allergens such as peanuts, dairy, wheat or eggs prior to arrival at your event or activity. We make every effort to avoid deliberately bringing these allergens into your facility, but cannot guarantee we are allergen-free in any way.


Tinker Truck respects your privacy.

When publishing photos from an event we will never associate them with a real name or other contact information. If posting a photo that includes the face of a child, we always request permission from the caregiver first -- with the exception of wide-angle, large group photos at community events.  If you would like any photo removed from our social feeds please simply ask us.

By signing up for any of our contact mediums (following us on social media, signing up for our newsletter, contacting us about a program etc) we promise to never sell or share your information with a third party. We may however elect to contact you from time to time to make you aware of new offers and opportunities. If you would like to be removed or unsubscribed from any communication please either follow the instructions embedded in the correspondence or contact us and we'll happily remove you manually.

When Tinker Truck wholesales a program to a third party facility, organization or festival, we are never provided with contact information for the individual participants in those programs. We may offer to send participants in these programs home with promotional materials however, and many of participants voluntarily sign up for our mailings.


Our goal is always to provide the best and more empowering experience possible for all participants -- regardless of age, gender, identity, orientation, ability, race or belief. If you love science and the scientific method, then we want to be partners in that celebration of exploration, creativity and curiosity.


Just ask! We're very friendly and flexible.