Blast off... with Air Duct Tape.

Colourful tape, foam tubes and bike pumps! With Tinker Truck's Rocket Science program you'll get the joy of blending art with science. This program is suitable for all types of audiences from Birthdays to Festivals, and Schools to Summer Camps. Each variation places a different emphasis on the balance between science and experimentation, but everyone will walk away having learned something new.

Adults and kids alike love this program for it's high energy, creative solutions and spectacular results. The number of different designs, and breadth of possible experiments will ensure that every student contributes a unique example to the pool of learning instances.

Discussions about why different designs behave the way they do, and how small changes might affect the results are the core of this program. Having launched over 25,000 rockets since we started in 2015, we're quite confident that Tinker Truck can deliver exactly the rocket program you're after.

Prices begin at $199/group*

Ontario Curriculum Intersections:

This program can be adapted to emphasize or demonstrate learning objectives in the following broad categories:

  1. Science & Engineering

    • Strength to Weight compromises

    • Thrust to Weight ratios for altitude

    • Aerodynamics and Momentum

    • Effects of wind on temperature trajectory

    • Discussion of pressure and stored energy

  2. Mathematics

    • Launch angle vs distance/height

    • Wing/fin shapes and designs

    • Fabricating 3D cones from 2D cardboard

  3. Visual Arts

    • Selection of design, colours and patterns

    • Use of tape, scissors and other materials

    • Using found objects in creating new work

    * $199/group for birthdays (up to 15 kids), $250/class (up to 25 kids). Additional kids can be added to either package. Discounts for multiple groups/day.