Students at Oxford Learning Centers exploring boat designs with our Portable River on a hot summer morning.

Students at Oxford Learning Centers exploring boat designs with our Portable River on a hot summer morning.

Tinker Truck led and hosted a rocket session  for Brick Works Academy over March Break in 2016.

I’ve had Tinker Truck come to my summer camp for the last two years. The programs are diverse, challenging, exciting and educational. The regular kids eagerly await the weekly projects and proudly show off the results to their adults when picked up.
— Allison Bourke, Owner, Oxford Waterloo

Summer Camps

PARENTS: Please note that we do not offer a summer camp program directly. We wholesale our activities to other camps in Ontario, if you're curious where we will be and when, please contact us.

As a preferred vendor for the Ontario Camps Association we offer a wide variety of activities to augment the core programs offered by your camp counselors. Programs during the summer typically focus on teamwork, building solid relationships and challenging a camper's perception of what they are capable of. If desired we can also include the typical science content found in our School Programs.

2019 NOTE: For the summer of 2019, we will only be offering programs to camps who book two or more groups per day, or who can partner with another nearby camp to share/split a day.

Premium Programs

$325/Group* + HST

Standard Programs

$250/Group* +HST

Even Longer-Lasting Fun!

In addition to the programs above, we also offer a few programs that have a lasting impact after we leave your camp. For example we could take over a space and build an epic cardboard fort that all of your campers get to explore and augment all week long. Alternatively, we can deliver an evening program like Marshmallow Mayhem that intersects with the themes around your campfire. These programs have extremely flexible pricing so please contact us to discuss your needs. 

* A "group" is assumed to be a maximum of 20 campers. If you have more, we can negotiate a nominal additional fee per person or break into multiple smaller groups at a discounted per-group rate.  Additional travel fees may also be required based on your camp location.

Turnkey Programs Run by YOUR Staff

If having our team come to your location and offer programming isn't possible or desirable, we can also license our programs, build you custom equipment, and train your staff on how to deliver our programs safely and cost-effectively. For example, in 2016/2017 we built a fleet of Rocket launchers for Brick Works Academy to be used at their camps throughout Southern Ontario. With a reasonable up-front investment Brick Works was able to offer our rocket science program to a majority of their campers all summer long!