You want us to do WHAT??!

When we tell the kids that the first step is “please break these toys” we get bewildered looks just before the excitement and enthusiasm creeps in. In this program we deconstruct salvaged toys — even working ones — and upcycle them into something new and awesome. There is no goal, no specific problem to solve and no design restriction — just an exploration of tools and materials. As our most free-form program the kids learn a wide variety of things and almost never the same thing twice. We work with scissors, screw drivers, hand saws, cordless drills and hot glue to invent the next best-selling toy.

Prices begin at $199/group*

Ontario Curriculum Intersections:

This program can be adapted to emphasize or demonstrate learning objectives in the following broad categories:

  1. Visual Arts

    • Sculpture, mixed media and general creativity

    • Properties of different materials including glue, wood, plastic & fabric

  2. Science & Engineering

    • Creating strong mechanical joints

    • Disassembly and tool use

    • Discovering internal structures like axles, hinges, buttons and gears

  3. Environment

    • Recycling materials into new objects

    • Repairing existing objects instead of re-purchasing

    • Variations in the materials used to build things for posterity

  4. Others

    • Language: Discussion and story telling relating to creations

* $199/group for birthdays (up to 15 kids), $250/class (up to 25 kids). Additional kids can be added to either package. Discounts for multiple groups/day.