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Let us light up your night!

These quick and easy necklaces are always a huge hit at any event we visit. As a quick "make and take" this project can be completed in 20 minutes as a craft or preceded by a lesson in electricity, optical properties of glass and plastic and the differences between normal and UV (black) light on different pigments. The expanded, hands-on experimental science lesson is approximately 75 minutes.

This program was developed and is run in partnership with Mindful Makers. It is a favourite at school STEAM faires and community summer picnics -- especially ones that last into the twilight of the evening.

Prices begin at $199/group

NOTE: If you're interested in this program for an evening summer festival for adults, please contact Mindful Makers directly. Tinker Truck only sells this program as part of a bundle of services for schools.

Ontario Curriculum Intersections:

This program can be adapted to emphasize or demonstrate learning objectives in the following broad categories:

  1. Visual Arts
    • Drawing on clear surfaces
    • Use of positive and negative space
  2. Science & Engineering
    • Optical clarity and demonstration of how light travels in a solid medium
    • How and why we 'see' using light
    • How light behaves as it moves from one medium to another (plastic to air)
    • Simple electrical circuits, polarity and voltage