The Future is Here!

Star Trek style replicators in your living room. In this program we talk about the wonders of home fabrication using 3D printers and how the International Space Station is using this technology to solve an ever-increasing number of real-world challenges. We use your computer lab* and simple, free, online web tools to create objects that can be printed on a 3D printer. We talk about the current design limitations as well as different forms of printing and their applications. We can even bring a printer to demonstrate to your class, friends or group. Optionally, we offer a service to print all of the models designed by participants and deliver them to you within a week or two following your event.

Can also be combined with our full-body 3D Scanning apparatus for even more science and entertainment.

Prices begin at $199/group

NOTE: This program is also available as an adult class or professional development workshop. Please Contact Us for details.

* We can not yet provide a mobile computer lab so if you require one we can collaborate on how/where to host the event. Perhaps at a public library?

Ontario Curriculum Intersections:

This program can be adapted to emphasize or demonstrate learning objectives in the following broad categories:

  1. Science & Engineering
    • CAD/CAM - Computer Aided Design/Modeling
    • Application of structures and supports
    • Gravity and natural forces acting on objects
    • Properties of materials and their melting points
    • Robotics
    • Computer Programming
    • Fabrication techniques and limitations
  2. Mathematics
    • 3 Dimensional objects and their locations in Cartesian space
    • Rotations, Translations and Transforms
    • How humans perceive three dimensions
    • Vector scaling
    • Discussion of the number of edges vs "roundness"
  3. Other
    • Future careers and how they will adapt
    • Use of language to describe complex ideas mathematically